Sports Organizations

Phil MalcolmsomBryan facilitated a session with representatives from over forty different provincial sport organizations with a wide range of interests and priorities. His professional approach to facilitation created the results we needed to assess and clarify the key areas of focus of the various groups and move toward a more effective interaction and funding model between our Ministry and our valued clients.

– Phil Malcolmson, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Kim Van HooftBryan, thanks once again for your willingness to help us out and acting as our facilitator. You do have the knack for making the meetings run very smoothly and help move them along to a successful conclusion.

– Kim Van Hooft, President, Forest Minor Hockey Association

Kari LuptonThe discussion you facilitated regarding our financial situation was very well done. You handled it without us going into forbidden territory – which I would not have believed could have been done had I not seen it. Overall, everyone had very positive things to say about the meeting and your involvement is directly responsible for that.

– Kari Lupton, Secretary, Petrolia Minor Hockey Association

Amalgamating two hockey associations in small town Ontario brings out a high level of emotion. With his positive attitude, good knowledge and high level of professionalism, Bryan was instrumental in moving our organization forward through this process.

– Sandy Ferguson, President, Watford Minor Hockey Association

I was amazed that in three hours we had all the topics covered, people are satisfied with the answers they received, and PMHA was ready to face the future. You enforced the meeting rules respectfully and politely and members mirrored your demeanour. I think everyone who attended that meeting learned something from you and that is something of which you can be proud.

– Kathy Stover, Treasurer, Petrolia Minor Hockey

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