Results Oriented Meetings


  • Are you experiencing long and unproductive meetings?
  • Do the views of one or two dominant individuals influence most decisions?
  • Do you receive negative feedback or see meeting participants “tune out”?

Our Process…
We facilitate special meetings and design a strategy to help your meetings become more productive and effective. This will insure an orderly approach and tangible results from your meetings.

Our Results…
We have facilitated a wide range of meetings and helped groups, organizations and companies revitalize their meeting activity so participants consider the meetings time well spent.

Jim CampbellI continue to be impressed with the way in which you effectively use those various techniques in getting the group’s thinking uncovered without the usual endless debate.  Some facilitators are able to keep the discussion on time but end up with no result.  We ended up with a very clear, concise list of actions needed to move this project to completion.

– Jim Campbell, General Manager, AGRIS Co-operative Ltd.

Bernard WestI was very impressed with Bryan’s ability to facilitate a meeting. He provided a focus on the expected outcomes of the meeting, got buy-in to the process that we would use and then nudged the meeting along to develop its conclusions within the time limits, without making it appear to be rushed. I would certainly recommend Bryan as an excellent facilitator.

– Bernard West, Sustainable Chemistry Alliance

Cory Van GroningenWith Bryan’s facilitation, I’m sure that this group has come much further than they would have without him, a credit to his abilities. Our group is made up of individuals who on any other day are adversaries; it’s not easy for them to offer up what they are really thinking in a room full of competitors. I have never been as engaged in a meeting of this sort as I have been with Bryan leading the discussion.

– Cory Van Groningen, Independent Meat Packers

Dave PosliffBryan’s experience and techniques have helped to keep our group focused and productive in meetings. We have also found his ability to get participants to consider different points of view to be particularly helpful.

– Dave Posliff, Manager of Planning and Development Services, County of Lambton

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