Public Consultations & Focus Groups



  • Do you need public input on a specific issue?
  • Does the success of your project hinge on the stakeholders or the public response?
  • Would you like to test a concept or idea on a select group of people?

Our Process…
We organize and facilitate interactions with your stakeholders and the public that will provide you with some valuable input to help you in your decision-making.

Our Results…
We have experience in presenting material to target audiences. Our flexible approaches allow you to engage your clients in discussions or document valuable feedback from them.

Charles LalondeBryan’s approach and preparation towards our five focus group workshops was amazing! His ability to reach out within the agricultural community and secure producer participation was a key factor of our success. Bryan made the participants feel very comfortable to express their views and his reporting on the workshops to the industry stakeholders was very accurate and timely.

– Charles Lalonde, Project Coordinator , C.J. Agren Consulting

Mike McMorrisThanks for helping us develop a clear consensus of where BIO needs to be and identify several actions to ensure that we reach that goal. Having you as a facilitator who knows the industry and how farmers approach such an exercise was key to having a successful day. A further bonus in having you facilitate the session was the fact that you knew most of the people in the room and had an immediate rapport and level of respect.

– Mike McMorris, General Manager, Beef Improvement Ontario

Hamdy KhalilI was very impressed by Bryan’s laser focused approach on the goal that needs to be achieved. He clearly knew the end in mind and he helped us achieve the clients’ goal. His simple and elegant approach kept the people involved with focus and enthusiasm. His organizational ability of the copiously generated ideas is quite commendable.

– Hamdy Khalil, PhD, Global Director of R&D and Product Development, Woodbridge Foam Corporation

Bryan, I liked your approach to facilitation. You have a talent for including people. You gave very good instructions on not monopolizing the conversation which was tactfully stated. As a result, this was a well facilitated and enjoyable meeting.

– Harold Kloeze DVM DVSc, Canadian Animal Health Surveillance Network

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