Group Process Improvement


  • Are you fully utilizing the skills and abilities of members of your group?
  • Are communication gaps in your group limiting your success?
  • Do you wish your group could pull together better as a team?

Our Process…
We design and facilitate activities to improve your group’s effectiveness. By getting involvement and input from different members of the group, solutions can emerge for the mutual benefit of the entire group.

Our Results…
We have dealt with many dysfunctional or less than effective groups. By identifying the challenges and encouraging communication and group-generated solutions, the effectiveness of these groups has improved.

Mike BradleyThrough Bryan’s open, personable and well organized approach, he brought a great deal of value and integrity to the process.  He built a relationship with the participants, so no one challenges his approach or the plan to arrive at the outcomes.

– Mike Bradley, Mayor, City of Sarnia


Jim GreyWe quite effectively covered a great deal of ground in a short period of time. That, in no small part, was due to Bryan’s obvious skill in facilitating such a session and assuring the group accomplished the desired outcome.

– Jim Grey, CEO, IGPC Ethanol Inc.


Anna Formusiak Bryan is an interesting and confident speaker who has a natural gift for relating to, engaging with, and facilitating groups, both big and small. Bryan sets out clear expectations, goals and expected outcomes for every session and he delivers on those objectives every time. Bryan has an infectious, positive and proactive attitude and approach.

– Anna Formusiak, Research Analyst, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food & Rural Affairs

Andre BoucherSetting the stage to focus the discussions was particularly well done. Bryan has a talent to grasp the fundamental meaning of the participants’ input which allows for quick and effective organizing of ideas.

– Andre Boucher, General Manager, Ethanol Operations, Suncor Energy Inc.


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