Community & Stakeholder Engagement



  • Do you sometimes feel that nobody wants to play with you?
  • Are you missing the engagement of specific clients?
  • Could your product or service be successful, if you got to the right people?

Our Process…
We can design and help you implement approaches to ensure engagement of your target clients, by matching their needs with your abilities to meet those needs.

Our Results…
We have helped groups, organizations and companies deal with shifting variables within their clientele including demographics, technology, social trends or geographic realities. Through our processes, some key actions have evolved allowing them to revitalize their service and engage their clientele.

Chandra MadramootooBryan is very organized and well prepared in his role as facilitator. He has obviously studied the subject and knows the requirements of the client, in order to achieve goals. Bryan’s style is very congenial and open, and he seeks to develop consensus easily.

– Dr. Chandra Madramootoo, Dean of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, McGill University

Fred WagnerIt was obvious to all participants, that you had done your homework on the subject and were fully aware of the far reaching implications of the needed changes, in order to accommodate the non-complying¬†trade practices of today with the legislation for tomorrow. Your guidance in the meeting and “scientific pulse taking” of the group were excellent.

– Fred Wagner, Ontario Grain Financial Protection Board

Don AndersonBryan was able to keep things moving with the structure that he had developed, and kept things light with humour at appropriate moments. His efforts were truly appreciated.

– Don Anderson, General Manager Sarnia Lambton Business Development Corporation

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